The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Hi bookworms ! *sips tea* New sharing down below 🙂

If you have never read a book by Paulo Coelho, I suggest you go for it. The Alchemist is a book that I stumbled upon when I needed it the most. It is the story of a young shepard (Santiago) and how he came upon discovering his personal legend, in the midst of discovering his personal legend he meets the man that will change his life for ever; The Alchemist. Santiago came across many challenges and obstacles during his journey, it reminded me that the road to a personal goal will always test you in ways that you feel you need to give up, but you must be like Santiago, you can’t ever give up not matter how hard it gets. He showed me a way to look at life from a different perspective, how to greet challenges as lessons and how to always help a friend in need but most importantly, how to follow your heart with patience and an open mind. It is amazing what the power of positive thinking can do.

When I finished reading this book I was so sad that I finished it, the story is truly enlightening, the alchemist himself is a character that will surely keep you reading on and on, like he did to me 🙂 .

I hope that this has peaked your curiosity, it is but a humble quick review from my end 🙂 Thank you so much for reading, as always, peace.

Kim :3



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