The Witch of Salt and Storm by Kendall Kulper

Hi everyone! Me again 🙂

The witch of salt and storm by Kendall Kulper is a powerful tale of love, jealousy, sacrifice and of course, magic.

Avery is a young girl born within a bloodline of strong island witches, the Roe women. The Roe’s have been protecting Prince Island and it’s whaling sailors since the first Roe made the island her home. Avery, the main character has been living with her grandmother and being thought the ways of the Roes so when it is her turn to unlock the magic within her she will be ready to continue their legacy. The problem is that her mother knows all too well what it takes to be a Roe witch….what you must sacrifice so she takes Avery away from her grandmother and forbids her from practicing magic with the intention to save her a lot of pain and grief.

Avery is a determined young woman, she doesn’t understand what her mother tries to teach her and rebels against her. One night Avery’s life will change, she was gifted with reading dreams, having the ability to see what they mean….she had a dream, she saw her death. She must now find a way to go to her grandmother and seek help to unlock her magic so she can protect herself from her death, the only problem is that her mother (also a witch) has tied her to her village with magic. How will avery break her mother’s magic in time to reach her grandmother and save herself from death so she can become the next Roe witch ?

Read the book and go on the journey of this young girl, so determined, so strong both emotionally and physically. This book will show you that nothing is what it seems and that life has a way of not turning out as you’d hoped….or as easy as you’d hope it will be at least.

I am very excited to read the next book to this series which is shown to be titled Return to the World of Salt and Storm.

I enjoyed this book very much and hope that you will too if it crosses your path.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it! Peace.



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