The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I was on holiday. Still sad that it’s already over. Amsterdam was good to me <3. Anyways, I have for you a new book review !! 😀

This book gave me a mixture of emotions. There were parts of it which I LOVED  and LOVED. Other small details made it feel a bit dragging for me but in all fairness, it is the first book for a new series. Overall – I LOVED IT.

Let me start by talking about the cover. I purchased the hardback version (like always haha), the book sleeve is very nice,  I think that the artwork that was chosen is really cool. A big raven flying across the front and then at the bottom right just below the raven’s feet there it the title- The Raven Boys.

Upon opening the book I could see the title page and a page with some cool quotes. Here’s one that I liked: ‘’A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.’’- Oscar Wilde.

My curiosity has been peaked at this point, this book is mysterious. I love that.

The story starts with a Prologue about the main character – Blue. Yeah her name is Blue, how original it made me smile when I read it the first time. (Blue is also my favourite colour). So Blue is a young teenager that lives with her mum and aunts, the only thing that makes this house full of ladies stand out is, the fact that they are all psychics and really good ones actually. Blue wasn’t one tho, she still had a gift. Her gift was that she could amplify her mother’s and aunt’s powers. Not so much fun for her but really useful to others.

Blue always got the same warning from her mother and aunts- they always warned her that when she meets her true love she will kiss him and he will die. Not such good news for any young girl aye?

Blue always kept this warning at the back of her head while she went along with her life. It was really a boring life, apart from living in a house full of eccentric and crazy women whom she loved deeply.

I don’t want to spoil this book for anybody so I will skim through the story whilst trying to leave out the details 🙂 (the really big ones at least !).

The Raven Boys – A group of 4 friends that all went to the same private school. I loved how the characters have been introduced and created in this story. They are very real, very complicated and very human. We have Gansey who is the leader of the pack, full of curiosity, polite, very intelligent and rich. Ronan (my personal fave), Ronan has this very tough exterior and is the troublesome one, getting into fights, has a smart mouth, always guarded but at the same time he cared deeply for his friends and protected them whenever it was needed. There is Adam, the only non rich raven boy that came from a trailer park and a not so nice dad, Adam was the one that studied the hardest because he wanted a better life, his character is cool and collected but there is a twist later on in the book – it was brilliant. Last but not least there is Noah, Noah the quiet one, Noah the brave one, I have become attached to this character very much he has a very interesting story.

Anyways, those are the boys. I really enjoyed the story when they were introduced, there is something about how Maggie wrote about all of them and about their friendship. It was brilliant to me.

They cross paths with Blue because they all wanted to look for the same thing (but for their own reasons which I will try to not to go into too much detail so I don’t ruin the book for you guys !! haha xxxx).  

All five of them wanted to find the ley line. What is a ley line you ask ? In the book it is described to be this invisible line of energy that if found and awoken can help the finder locate Glendover – An old lost king that will grant a favour/wish to whomever finds him. Cool huh ?

During the search for the ley line they all make beautiful discoveries and find great clues whilst at the same time all becoming closer as friends. Blue and Adam seem to share small affections towards each other but Blue always held back because of two reasons 1) (this is the simple reason) because she didn’t want to kiss Adam and risk killing him. 2) (the not so simple reason) Because before she befriended the Raven boys she saw Gansey’s spirit walking on a spirit road. He spoke to her too, told her his name. Her mum and aunts had told her that there are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on spirit road on St.Mark’s Eve. Either he’s her true love….or she killed him. Hmm so what do have here ? A love triangle ? Oh I hope not !

I know I know, this book sounds complicated, and it is. It’s the best part of it. It’s very unpredictable which is something that I love in books.

If you are a lover of magic and all things strange (like me), you will enjoy this book very much. It is a clear starter / taster for a great and magical series that will include a lot of adventure. I cannot wait to read the second book. Small warning, this book has a lot of plots going on in it so try to stick it out 🙂 I think that closure to them will come along in the books to come.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you enjoyed my post. Please share your opinions/comments in the comments section !

As always, Peace :3


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