Random Thoughts 1 : You are more than just a Facebook like

Hi all, I know that this post’s title is random (and this post is not a book review) but I stumbled across a thought that I wanted to share with you all and kept thinking about it and decided that I will create a new category on my blog. This category is dedicated to random thoughts that I’m sure most of us think about at some point in our life. I wanted to connect more with my readers and wanted you all to know that I’m just like you. Human.

This post is directed to anyone that needs it, anyone that has ever felt that they are ‘’not enough’’ and so on….

Social media – Our modern world revolves around these two words. Looking at them now that’s what they are, just words but looking at the big picture they are so so much more. Don’t get me wrong, social media has many advantages, it really does but I can also clearly see (and live through) the disadvantages of it in this modern world. Let me help you to understand.

Keep in mind that I am writing this post to make people feel appreciated and to feel better. So please, be nice when sharing your comments :).

Here we go.

Simple question. Do you ever feel like you need a quick fix of feeling appreciated or feeling good about yourself so you post a selfie on Facebook ? I have done it, many times. Most of us have, let’s be honest here. It’s such an easy fix for a confidence boost, take a photo of yourself in which you feel that you look ok, share it with the world and just wait. Wait to get a few likes, some lovely comments and kisses and there you go, your mood is now awesome and you just go about with your day like nothing.

Don’t take this in the wrong way. Keep in mind that I am sharing what I experience from this (no negative vibes ! 🙂 ), this post is not saying that everyone is like me but I have to be honest, I have seen this happening with pre teens nowadays and it hurts my heart.

So your selfie is now posted online and you start getting likes etc…..

When I think about this ‘’feeling good’’ for social media attention I get angry at myself. Yes, at myself. I feel that in today’s world social media has affected young women in a way that is making us obsessed with being perfect. Having perfect eyebrows, perfect makeup, perfect skin, perfect full lips, lashes as long as possible, keeping an eye out for what we eat all the time and the list goes on and on….. It’s hard being a girl sometimes lol. Sometimes in a world of makeup and stuff I forget how to love myself naked. By naked I mean makeup free, the real me with all my dark circles and pimples and messy hair and other flaws that make me, me. I hate that sometimes I get lost in this world of makeup and selfies and looking pretty and forget to love myself as I am and I forget to love myself for more than just being pretty.

Yeah you read the last sentence right. It’s not fair on ourselves if we forget how to love ourselves for being us.

You are more than just Facebook likes.

If I had kids and I saw that they are feeling down for not feeling that they don’t look good enough for not receiving enough Facebook likes I would lose it. After I lose it I would then calm down and give them a heartfelt speech, which now I will share with you out of good intentions, so maybe someone out there that is feeling that they are not good enough will smile and say she’s right. I am more than just Facebook likes.

Remember this:

You are more than Facebook likes.  You are a human being capable of showing love and compassion that is worth more than just a silly like on Facebook. You are someone whom has his or her own story to tell, a period of time that you might have struggled but still gotten through it and are here at this moment in time reading my thoughts. Someone that has their own hobbies and their own talents, talents that are unique to you only, if you can draw I’m sure no other artist can draw exactly like you, or if you can sing I’m sure that there is noone out there that can sing exactly just like you, this list goes on and on! Someone whom is the only version of themselves in the entire world, having that being said, what I mean is that we are different and comparing ourselves to one another is unfair to us.

Don’t do it to yourself, don’t ever ever compare yourself to the person next to you.

Compare yourself to the person that you were yesterday if you want to grow.  

Always try to be better than you were yesterday and cut yourself some slack 🙂 life is not easy we all know that, so we don’t need  to add more to it by giving social media the power to make us feel down or worse, push our self esteem down and our insecurities up. We are humans, we are different but if you truly think about it, you can see that our feelings usually originate from the same things.

Young girls should want to have dreams of being known for more than just their beauty and likes on Facebook. What ever happened to wanting to be known for being intelligent and independent ? Or talented ? Or kind ? Or creative ? Or being amazing writers ! (thank god for the writers 😛 they gave us awesome material to read ❤ )

You are more than just Facebook likes. Never forget that.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that it impacted you in a positive way as that was my intention. So get up look in the mirror and smile 🙂 Smile to yourself, you smile to other people anyway, so why not smile to yourself once in a while too ? 🙂

As always, peace 🙂

Kim :3


8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 1 : You are more than just a Facebook like

  1. I hope that when you feel down again you will remember what you wrote. I hope you find the beauty in yourself in every way not by just the looks.. but also in what you love to do. Keep this positivity in a ryhtem and you will learn to love yourself more everyday 🙂

    Love you always and forever ♡

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    1. Anabelle ❤

      Thank you for reading this :') , it means a lot to me !

      I have good days and bad days like all of us, I hope that this post will help someone that is feeling down feel better :). I made a promise to myself to share good vibes on my blog apart from book reviews, I was so scared because this was my first but it seems like it's having the impact I hoped for – positive ! It makes me happy.

      I love you so much, thank you ❤

      As always, peace.
      Kim ❤


  2. Wow, left me speechless because you’re right. Some people depends alot on how many likes they get on social media. Some times I think if people go outside and react the same way as they do on facebook. Imagine going out talking to a person you never saw before and let’s say you say you’re beautiful. How do people react? Maybe he’s a manic/ who the hell is this. Reality is much more beautiful than talking to a person behind a screen

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