Maybe A Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison Mcghee

I’m so happy to share another book review with you !! 😀 Had time to plan ahead this time 😉 ❤

So to get started about this one, I chose it randomly because from ever since I could remember, I have a had a huge fascination with foxes ❤ (still do and I probably will do for ever lol). I even have a fox tattoo haha ! Do you have any animal or book related tattoos ?

Anyway, that’s why I chose this one 🙂 A story about 2 sisters and fox <3.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 14.36.48

I would recommend this book to anyone who:

  • Is looking for a good quick read, I read this one within a day.
  • It is a good book to get you out of your reading slump since it is so so easy to flow through it.
  • It is a nice change from all the exaggerated fantasy stories that are so popular (don’t get me wrong ! I love that genre 🙂 but I like to change it up a bit too 🙂 ). It still has a small element of fantasy though, VERY SMALL.
  • It is a good book to give to someone that is young and wants to be introduced to the amazing world of reading.
  • For those that love all things animal and nature related ❤


Our story here takes us to a sweet house by the woods.

Sylvie and Jules.

Jules and Sylvie.

Two sisters that are unbelievably close, even though they have their differences they are truly best friends and love eachother dearly. They lost their mum at a young age and are now being raised by their dear dad. Not easy for him to raise 11 year old Jules and 12 year old Sylvie by himself, but somehow he does it the best way he can. ❤

The girls both loved the woods, Sylvie was fast,  faster than fast, so fast she was the fastest girl in school !! It was her daily challenge to run, run and run as fast as she can, it was her dream to be the fastest.

Jules loved collecting rocks, she was a rock expert. They relaxed her, the natural minerals she collected. She would spend hours just sorting them into categories and memorizing their names and making sure that she chose her favourites carefully.

They are sweet kids. The way the story introduces and describes them is brilliant. Two young motherless girls looking out for each other, growing up yet still finding time for mischief in their own little ways. Thick as thieves their dad called them.

Their father trusted them very much to catch the school bus on time every morning and to make sure that obeyed his rules. Very simple rules but also very important rules:

  • Do not get out of earshot of the house.
  • Do not mess with wild animals.
  • Do not miss the bus.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, go near the slip.


Four simple rules, the last one being the most important. ‘’The slip’’ is a place that their father was referring to.

It is a notorious place in the woods where lives had been lost. It was where the river went underground with rough waters. There were stories of people that died upon falling into it. Their father always trusted Jules and Sylvie to play in the woods as long as they stayed away from this place.

One day the girls woke up from school and to their amazement they saw snow out from their window !!! It made them so happy ❤ It made them happy because when they had snow they always had fun honouring their late mother by building snow families ❤ right outside their house. It was a tradition that she had started and when she passed away the girls promised each other they would keep it alive in memory of their mum ❤

They were all excited and rushing to go out and build the family to be just in time for school too !

They finished the snow family and it looked beautiful to them, they were happy, Sylvie always told Jules how their mum loved new snow just like they did. Jules was younger when their mum passed away and had little memory of her.

They were good kids, but like all kids, they didn’t always obey their dad.

His biggest DO NOT: Do not, under any circumstances, go near the slip.

Don’t get me wrong, they never went close, well at least never went dangerously close. They did however, throw rocks into the slip. Not just any rocks though ! Jules had specifically collected a pile of what she called wish rocks, perfectly smooth rocks in the shape of pebbles.

Their smoothness aided the girls in writing their wish on them before throwing them into the slip. (with water proof marker of course).

And on that day they built the snow family, Sylvie desperately wanted to use the wish rock she had. She felt that the new snow made the day lucky. So she looked at her sister, told her she’ll be back in a flash and ran as fast as she could to make it back in time to catch the bus for school.

Jules tried to tell her to stay but Sylvie was stubborn, determined. So she went.

Jules waited and waited, and worried too. Her faster than fast sister was taking too long to come back. Jules called out her name to the woods. For nothing.

Her sister was gone.

And at that same exact moment that Jules realised her sister wasn’t coming back, a fox cub was born. A tiny little fox cub. ❤


What happened to Sylvie ?

How will Jules go to school without her sister? Who will she build snow families with now? How will Jules be able to face the world without her best friend? Her sister is gone.

Why does the fox cub feel Jules’s pain ? As if they are connected ? The young cub feels the child’s heart begin broken…

I won’t spoil this story for you but I promise you that it will make you teary as you go along and read it.

It is sweet, beautiful, emotional and powerful. The beauty of nature, family, love and faith written in this short story.

I loved every page of it.

Sylvie and Jules.

Jules and Sylvie….and a tiny fox cub.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 14.40.10

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed it !

As always, peace.



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