Random Thoughts 4: A Little Bit of Empathy Goes A Long way

Hey guys, I’m back with more mumbo jumbo..or maybe something worth reading. I hope it’s worth it to you.

Here is another post raw from my thinkings.

Empathy : the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

We are taught so many things as we grow. First things I remember learning as a child are the alphabet or saying please and thank you, how to share, the importance of telling the truth….what about emphasising the importance of empathy? I wish I understood its importance much sooner throughout my years.

Recently I consoled someone very close to me that needed me to simply listen to them. Just be there in that moment, understanding what they are feeling and then help to lift their spirits up once more. After the conversation ended I felt happy. Happy that I made someone feel better, we are so focused on sharing sadness that we forget how beautiful happiness is when shared.

Let me get to my point.

Everyone is busy with their own life, going to work, getting back home, maybe doing after work studies, or exercising, or whatever you get my point…and what happens is that because of our daily small successes we create unwanted stress. It’s good stress probably but keep in mind that some of us don’t handle any type of stress very well.

I speak for myself by saying I am one of those people. Stress does not do me good, maybe I am a bit more anxious than I should be but whatever, that’s the truth.  Sometimes I would be so anxious or over thinking that I end up building walls and shutting myself out from the rest of the world…on some days I would be very agitated for nothing or grumpy for nothing and I’ll end up feeling sorry for myself and feeling that nobody really understands bla bla bla…..but guess what? People really do understand. Here is why I think so.

Earlier I mentioned that I recently consoled someone very close to me right? Well let me explain.

When this person was pouring out their heart to me and explaining what he/she was going through you know what I kept saying to myself?

OMG that is exactly how I feel. I know what this person is going through. I am totally, 100% relating to them.  I feel so bad knowing that this person is feeling this way, I know what it’s like and because of that I know exactly what this person requires to feel better and I MUST ACT NOW.

After letting my friend vent, vent and vent I told them that I have something to share with them, and I am going to share it here with you too in the hopes of brightening up your mood.

Life is hard. There is no arguing that but please bear in mind that ‘’life being hard’’ is inevitable. Without the hardship of life there would be no relaxation, like without sadness there would be no joy.

It’s ok to have a bad day, it’s ok to have a breakdown, what’s NOT ok is to remain stuck in the breakdown.

Whenever you feel down or whenever you feel that your life is not as you wanted it to be grab a pen and a paper. At the top of the paper write down a title: ‘’Things that I am grateful for’’  and start writing things down.

Write down anything that you really are grateful for anything good you can think of and then look at it. Look at your list remember how lucky you really are 🙂 .

Sometimes when we are having challenging days we get caught in the negative. It happens to me, it happens to the best of us, we are human at the end of the day. Once we focus on the negative, the positive will always seem a little bit more distant…and more and more and more…. That’s why sometimes, you need to make the list to remind you of all the beautiful things you have in your life.

I titled this post ‘’A little bit of empathy goes a long way’’. When I titled it I didn’t mean to say just to the people around you but even to yourself. Don’t forget to love yourself a little, and cut yourself some slack. Sometimes we have bad days that seem to go on for an eternity.

Also, always be thankful for the people who show you love, respect and understand you as a person. Those are the people that you wanna have in your life. When someone is genuinely interested in your well being and actually listens to you when you need them to, that means that they are not only listening to you to ‘’just know what’s going on’’ but to actually try to find a solution and help you get out of any negative situation that you are in.

A little bit of empathy goes a long way. It really does. ❤

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed it.

I would also like to thank any of my close family or friends that have read this, they have always been there for me ❤ ❤ ❤

As always, Peace.

Kim 🙂



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